10 years from now…

At the end of each year, I have students complete a course/teacher evaluation. I ask students to give advice to future students and then I compose a wordle with their responses to show those future students.

I ask students to tell me what I could change about my lessons and which class activities were their favorites. I conclude the survey by asking students, “What do you think school administrators should know about this teacher?” It is these responses that I want students to still be saying about our class. About me. And about what they learned.

They write that I’m friendly, fun, a hard worker, a role model. That I truly care about them and will do anything to help them all succeed. That I’m fair, approachable, and dedicated. That they learned more in math this year than ever before and it helps that I relate math to the real world. And that I really, really LOVE math, and it shows. Oh, and that I have swag.

I hope they still remember these kind words at their 10 year reunion.  It would mean the most to hear the students say they liked going to math class because it was fun, they learned a lot, and they know that even though I challenged them, I knew they could all succeed.  I hope they didn’t just learn math, and realize that I also taught them to problem solve; to collaborate; to respectfully disagree with their classmates; to communicate their findings. I hope they learned that it’s okay to be wrong.

And lastly, I hope that when they come home for their 10 year reunion, they come back to the high school and say “Hi!”


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