Pre-Thanksgiving Icebreaker

A couple years ago I learned this icebreaker at a PD day. I like using it as a fun activity the day before Thanksgiving. Give each student an index card and project this on the board:

“On your index card, write one thing about yourself that most people in class don’t know. It can be anything you want as long as it’s true… a fact, experience, dream, hobby, etc. Do not write your name. Make sure it’s appropriate.”

Write one yourself. Collect all cards and put them in a container. Pick one and try to guess who wrote it. You get three guesses. Once the author of the card is revealed, that student gets to pick the next card and be the guesser. Continue until all cards have been read.

Since we’re two and a half months into the year, students can make educated guesses but still learn something new about their classmates. It brings us together as a class and everyone seems to love it!



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