Texting Olympics

To introduce scatter plots and lines of best fit I host the “Texting Olympics”! I adapted the lesson from New Zealand Maths to include a graphing calculator component. The students time each other texting both phrases and all the data is compiled into one list. Since this is the first scatter plot activity we do, I have them graph the data by hand, and then by calculator. I do not walk them through the calculator portion, but ask them to follow the directions in the packet and check off items as they are completed.

Every time I have completed the lesson, the students have a ball, and there has always been a positive relationship between the two texting events. It’s also fun to assign “Bring your cell phone to class tomorrow” as homework the night before to build anticipation.



8 thoughts on “Texting Olympics

  1. This looks like a lot of fun. Do you have a “rule” for how to deal with spelling errors and such?

    I like how you added the calculator portion, and the step-by-step instructions, with all the screen shots and button sequences. You must know that all of your students have TI’s. Handy!

    • One of the rules of the texting olympics is that the texts must be spelled exactly right and contain the exact punctuation for the clock to stop timing! So the students are aware that they need to go back and fix their errors as they make them. No problems with that so far.

      And yes, I’m very lucky that our school tells the students they must get a TI!

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  3. Love this. JUST sad that I can’t use it this year!!!! But, I will be sure to alter it a bit for next year (we have Nspire calculators). THANKS so much for another cell phone idea in the classroom!!

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