Graphing Calculator Activities

TI graphing calculators are required in Honors math classes at my school and we also have class sets to use in our non-Honors classes. Over the past few years I created some step-by-step TI graphing calculator directions for my students to follow for when they get behind, want to go ahead, or just forget how to do some of the basic procedures.

1. Scatter Plots

2. Systems of Equations

3. Absolute Value Functions

4. Quadratic Functions: Minimum/Maximum Values

5. Quadratic Functions: Zeroes


2 thoughts on “Graphing Calculator Activities

  1. I love your ideas! I teach Alg2 and was wondering if you would mind sharing these calculator help sheets as a PDF by email? And if you have any worksheets that go with your Absolute Value Project, I would love to have them!

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