Writing Equations Stations Lab

I like to set up stations labs when students need additional practice on a topic. I usually sit at one of the stations and call up specific students who need some one-on-one help. I require all students to check in with me after every single station. This creates some organized chaos, but I do it so that I can constantly be assessing students’ progress, and address any concerns with the whole class if I notice that students keep getting the same problems wrong.

This W-R-I-T-I-N-G Equations Stations Lab includes having students write equations from: tables, situations, point and slope, two points, and graphs.


7 thoughts on “Writing Equations Stations Lab

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    • Hey Justin! It takes the average student about 45 minutes to complete all stations. I had a few rockstars finish in about 35, but that has never happened before. And a few had to collect the sheets they didn’t get to and finish for homework.

      • That’s awesome! I want to do stations, but my students skills are so varied, I would have a few students finish in 10 minutes while others wouldn’t finish in 90. I’m not sure how to manage that.

  2. How do you have students “check in” with you at the end of each station? Do you have a master key and you check their answers?

    Thanks – Lisa

    • Hey Lisa! Yes exactly! I make one master key so I can quickly check solutions. Though it can get a little crazy at times. I usually respond with a simple yes/no/right/wrong the first time a student comes to me. Then send them back to re-work a problem if they got it wrong. If a student comes back a second time and still can’t figure it out, that’s when I ask them questions to prompt their thinking or provide more guidance.

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