3D Printing in Math Class

At Twitter Math Camp, I did a five minute My Favorites presentation on the 3D Desmos Designs project that my students created this past spring. The reason it’s my favorite 3d project, is because right now it’s the only authentic way I have discovered to have my students 3D print in Algebra 1.


Afterward, many attendees approached me wanting to discuss 3D printing in math class in more detail. This led to a lunchtime conversation with 27 individuals! Many expressed an interest in 3D printing because their schools had purchased a printer, but no one knows how to use it. Or because they are trying to convince an administrator to purchase one, but don’t have enough evidence of its worth.

After a couple great ideas for 3D printing in math class were shared…

I decided it would be worthwhile to create a google form where math teachers can share their 3D printing ideas. Even if a teacher hasn’t had the opportunity to actually do the project yet, the idea will most definitely be useful to another teacher.

If you would like to contribute a 3D printing in Math Class idea, please fill out the form below, or go here: bit.ly/3Dprintmathform

If you would like to view the responses, please go here: bit.ly/3Dprintmathideas

Let’s keep this conversation going!


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