Function Art Project Requirements

After a brief conversation on Twitter, I realized I never posted my student project guidelines for my Desmos Function Art Project. Here are the documents!

One of my coworkers made this handy Desmos QuickStart Guide which has been a lifesaver for getting students started on their projects! I also have students do the “Restrictions” Tour on Desmos.

For Part 1 of the project, students recreate a face using the Des-man activity.
Explanation here.

For Part 2 of the project, students draw their own designs, write the equations, and input them into Desmos.
Explanation here.


One thought on “Function Art Project Requirements

  1. This is fantastic and so well done! I love that you had them find equations for Desman first – that is something that was missing from when I did similar projects, and I struggled with trying to get them to create the exact design they had made on graph paper without guessing & checking.

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