#myfavfriday Jigsaw Puzzle Software

I LOVE the Tarsia puzzle software from Hermitech Laboratory. Puzzle designs range from having 16 to 24 pieces and anywhere from 15 to 30 different equations. The software has a great equation editor so it’s really easy to type in math expressions. I usually have students work in pairs to complete the puzzles and they must do all their work on a piece of paper to pass in along with the finished puzzle. Sometimes I shrink the puzzle pieces so that the finished puzzle can be taped to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, other times I give them poster board.

I have used Tarsia puzzles to have students practice:

  • Solving equations
  • Solving inequalities
  • Multiplying binomials
  • Factoring trinomials
  • Solving quadratic equations by factoring
  • Properties of Exponents

Solving Equations

Solving Quadratics by Factoring: